We have done our best to provide what we consider to be the most comprehensive written biography of Mr. Brockmann to date. There are still so many missing pieces. There are undoubtedly some errors. Anyone having additional information or is able to indicate where an error has been made, please contact us so corrections can be made or new information posted.

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Walter Brockmann was born to Walter and Helena (Rickers) Brockmann in 1904. His father was a German born Lutheran Minister. He had also studied art at the University of Halle, Germany.

[Although we have looked extensively for further information about his mother, the only reference we have found was that she attended the Berlin meeting with Walter at the home of George Grosz. His mother MAY have been alive in Carroll, Texas in 1994.]

[We also have information that would indicate he has a daughter. We have found no mention of a daughter during any of our research, although his mother is mentioned, although not by name, in the "Goetz" letters.]

During the years his father was in the United States, relatives from Europe would frequently send him post cards, many of which portrayed the massive cathedrals of Europe as well other pictures of European treasures, all of which had a profound effect on young Walter.

Walter attended Stambaugh High School in Stambaugh, Michigan where he was leader of the high school dance band. He was an accomplished pianist and made several records with the group. In his senior year he played the lead role in "The Sheik". (Rudolph Valentino, heart throb of the silent movie screen, played in the original version.) 

In 1928, Walter graduated from Columbia University's Pulitzer School of Journalism. He won a writing competition and was awarded a trip to the International Press Exhibition in Cologne, Germany, where he visited relatives and fell in love with the country. He and his mother moved to Berlin, joining the Associated Press as a junior correspondent. His work was widely read and he was appointed to the post of AP Senior Correspondent in 1932.

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July 12, 1904 - August 17, 1992
High School Photo
Mr. Brockmann
Just Prior to Retirement
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