In Germany he reported on the abdication of Kaiser Wilheim II, the rise of Hitler's Nazis and the attempt of German Nationalists to return the country to a monarchy, placing former crown prince Freiderich Wilheim on the thrown.
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His articles were critical of Hitler and supportive of the German Nationalists. However, with reluctance, one must question his objectivity. In a 1931 letter from George Grosz to one of his children, he describes a gathering of Nationalists in his home.* Describing those in attendance, he included Walter. This might have been considered a part of his journalistic duties but for his mother's attendance as well. The letter stated that Walter, and his superior in the AP European Bureau, openly voiced opposition to the Nazi and Communist parties and were said to support the monarchy.

Following the publishing of Walter's book, Satin Comes To Eden, London, Harper and Brothers, originally published in German, translated into English in 1936, Hitler banned the book and ordered him expelled from the country. Accompanying Walter to his waiting plane was Heinrich Himmler, future Reichsfuher of the Nazi SS.

(Walter's involvement in the book has been reported as having been the author, co-author, editor, a tale told by Dore Strauch to Walter Brockmann and other such titles. Why the book was banned is unknown, but it may have been an excuse to deport Walter for the tone of his newspaper articles.)

*Grosz, George, 1893-1959, Collection of Correspondence, letter #58, Houghton Library, Harvard University. 

George Grosz was a renowned political cartoonist who fled the Nazis in 1932, ending up in the United States where he became a citizen. In his autobiography, aptly titled, The Autobiography of George Grosz, 1955, he wrote, "My American dream turned out to be a soap bubble." He returned to Germany in 1959, dying shortly thereafter as the result of a fall down a flight of stairs.
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