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We have undoubtedly omitted, unintentionally, a number of people who made our presentation of  the history of WB Studios and the biography of Walter Brockmann possible. Many are listed below.

An avid collector, whose name I have embarrassingly forgotten, but to whom I will be forever indebted. She provided catalog pages and directions on where to look for more.

Jo Ann Taylor - Former Studio Artist and Studio Owner

Lisa Poinsett - Former Studio Artist

Roberta "Bobbie" Hamilton - Former Studio Artist

Mary Ann Murphy - Former Studio Owner

Lee Moore - Former Studio Owner

Tracy Moore - Former Studio Owner

John Decou - Historian

Kathrine Bringewatt - Former Employee - Bachmans

abendstunde49 - An unknown Internet person who knew Mr. Brockmann in the two years prior to his death.
"I met Walter when he and his son moved to California in 1990. Walter spoke of his time with the jazz band as a highlight in his eventful life. He managed to keep his record collection through many moves . . . Here are some snapshots from Walter's photo album" Messages with Frank followed this initial introduction.